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Communicating with unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) typically requires multiple channels of data and control. GreenWave Scientific has developed a multi-channel broadband antenna array that eliminates the need for the typical "antenna farm" with multiple antenna configurations to support different radios. The BULLET-1570 is a shared aperture, broadband antenna package that affords the operator complete flexibility and ease of use by supporting multiple radio systems without reconfiguration. The unit is designed to withstand harsh environments and provides 10 dBi of gain for each channel.

VHF antennasVHF Antennas


Our new mudflap stealth antennas are ideal for applications where low visual signatures are required. The patent pending designs are available in a variety of frequency band configurations and provide superior performance in a clandestine, "under belly" form factor. Ideal for military vehicle applications, asset tracking applications and fleet monitoring, the mudflap antenna system provides a revolutionary means in which to propagate RF energy away from a vehicle and provide isolation from topside antennas.

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Custom Antenna Design Services

GreenWave Scientific provides custom antenna design services to enable our customers to meet program objectives on time and within budget. Our staff has over 70 years of combined antenna design and manufacturing experience that spans HF to millimeter waves. Using state-of-the-art 3D EM simulation tools and high performance computing hardware, our design process is accurate, efficient and produces rapid prototypes for early test and evaluation. With two Industrial Vertical Machining Centers (IVMCs), a fully equipped onsite machine shop, and a 3D printer, prototype and production units can be realized quickly with little to no reliance on outside vendors.


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